Almost as many blacks as whites say African Americans are racist, according to the latest poll on the nation's race relations.

In a newly released Rasmussen Reports poll, 31 percent of blacks polled agreed that "most" African Americans are racist. Some 38 percent of whites agreed.

But blacks aren't as hard on whites in the new poll. Just 24 percent of blacks said that "most" whites are racist, revealing a huge 14-point spread between how the races view each other. A tiny 10 percent of white Americans said "most" whites are racist.

Overall, though, the nation remains divided on how whites and blacks are viewed. Asked if most white Americans are racist, just 15 percent said "yes" and 70 percent "no."

But when the race is switched and those polled are asked if most blacks are racist, 37 percent said "yes," and 42 percent "no."

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