Historians will look back on 2016 and like the rest of the country living through it, shake their heads in disbelief at the inconceivableness of it all. While certain presidential candidates will own the records when it comes to the history books, one particular organization will hopefully look back on this historic year and see that it was the beginning of their end as women across the nation realized they have been duped, betrayed and deceived for the past 100 years.

Planned Parenthood is gleefully celebrating their centennial anniversary this month, trumpeting themselves, the nation's largest abortion vendor, as not only an awesome, forward-thinking organization but rather a "movement." A movement that is funded every year with over half a million dollars of taxpayer funds.

The pink warriors announced recently their $30 million investment in 800 paid staff who will door-knock in swing states in order to secure the election of their favorite nominee ever, a friend of the organization for years and a woman who holds the same extreme views on abortion as they do.

But a lot has happened since eugenicist Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. Abortion has become legal but is still an unpleasant topic, one that Planned Parenthood is desperately trying to normalize. Thousands of laws have been enacted restricting abortion. Kermit Gosnell has been convicted and given a life sentence for killing babies born alive after abortion and killing women who entrusted themselves into his care.

The abortion giant has cornered the market for ending innocent lives, committing 30 percent of the nation's abortions every year. Planned Parenthood has been caught in numerous shady business practices like covering up child rape and sexual abuse, aiding in the sex trafficking of women, taking money to abort black babies, and horrifically describing how they can make more money by crushing certain parts of a baby during an abortion as to preserve sellable organs. They have also stolen millions of dollars from taxpayers through Medicaid fraud.

Not exactly a stellar list of accomplishments.

Oh, and Planned Parenthood has thrown itself into the political process, creating a cycle of corruption of buying off politicians favorable to their extreme positions who will vote to force taxpayers to give more and more money to them.

Planned Parenthood, 100 years after its founding, is struggling. They get over 40 percent of their budget from taxpayers yet can't seem to bring themselves to rely on the generosity of others like thousands of other nonprofits. They are desperate to appeal to Millennials, a generation that has rejected their pro-abortion messaging. Planned Parenthood boasts 200 pro-choice groups on campuses across the United States but Students for Life of America just crossed the 1,000 mark with pro-life groups in colleges and high schools, merely 10 years after our own inception.

Nancy Keenan, the former head of NARAL, was famously quoted a few years ago about her amazement of the number of young people in the pro-life movement.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is trying to force abortion into the mainstream of America, attempting to remove the stigma surrounding abortion through various social media campaigns and having heads of abortion groups talk about their abortion experiences at big events.

One hundred years won't change the fact that abortion ends an innocent human life and causes a number of physical and physiological problems for the mother. This is why abortion will always have a stigma and the younger generation, who has grown up seeing their preborn siblings sucking their thumbs in the womb thanks to ultrasounds, has rejected the lie that abortion simply terminates a clump of cells.

Last summer when the Center for Medical Progress released damning videos of Planned Parenthood and their baby body parts ring, more than 80 cities hosted Women Betrayed rallies, featuring not only the usual pro-lifers but also a whole new group of individuals who never knew that Planned Parenthood was so brazen about their love of money that they would engage in serious negotiations over how much to sell the parts of aborted babies for.

More evidence from the U.S. House of Representatives Select Panel on Infant Lives has uncovered criminal actions by the abortion industry in New Mexico and privacy violations from numerous California Planned Parenthoods. A lawsuit just this week was filed against two suppliers of baby body parts by the Orange County, California District Attorney for illegally profiting off of those parts — which they received from none other than Planned Parenthood.

This is not an organization that should be celebrated. Its legacy is 100 years of abuse — abuse of women, abuse of families, abuse of taxpayer dollars and abuse of innocent lives. When Planned Parenthood celebrates its 100th birthday with glitzy parties, champagne toasts and pinked out decor this month, they are really cheering for the millions of lives they've snuffed out who will never be able to blow out candles for their birthdays.

Kristan Hawkins is president of Students for Life of America. Thinking of submitting an op-ed to the Washington Examiner? Be sure to read our guidelines on submissions.