Donald Trump likes to call his hometown's biggest newspaper "the failing New York Times."

But the Times has its own label for the Republican nominee: "racist."

Here are 11 New York Times that Trump was called a racist throughout the 2016 campaign.

1. "A nativist, sexist, arguably fascist and racist demagogue who twists the truth is the front-runner in the race to become the Republican Party's presidential nominee..." — Liberal columnist Charles Blow, March 3.

2. "Trump has used a toxic mix of bullying and bluster, xenophobia and nationalism, misogyny and racism, to appeal to the darker nature of the Republican Party and secure his place as the unlikeliest presidential nominee in recent American history." — Blow, May 9.

3. "[Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's endorsement of Trump] puts political positions first and character and morality second. Sure Trump's a scoundrel, but he might agree with our tax proposal. Sure, he is a racist, but he might like our position on the defense budget." — Conservative columnist David Brooks, June 10.

4. "Yeah, frankly, I would say that." — Liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof when asked by CNN's Don Lemon whether he thought Trump was "racist," June 8.

5. "As many have noted, it's remarkable how shocked — shocked! — that [the Republican] establishment has been at the success of Donald Trump's racist, xenophobic campaign." — Liberal economist and columnist Paul Krugman, Feb. 26

6. "I'm not saying that all leading Republicans are racists; most of them probably aren't, although Mr. Trump probably is." — Krugman, July 8.

7. "Given the cowardice of his fellow members of the party of Lincoln, Trump is, naturally, doubling down on running for racist in chief." — Former editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal, June 8

8. "He's a straightforwardly racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic person." — Rosenthal, Sep. 3

9. "America has just lived through another presidential campaign week dominated by Donald Trump's racist lies." —Times editorial, Nov. 24

10. "The expression of racist views in this campaign has been so undeniable..." — Contributing columnist Jenee Desmond-Harris

11. "It's not clear that Mr. Trump will end up with any power to pursue his racist agenda — his ambitions seem a lot narrower, more TV-based." — Editorial writer Lawrence Downes, Sep. 16