With the mainstream media continually warning of the apocalyptic consequences of a government shutdown that is unlikely to happen, the Institute for Policy Innovation compiled some “fun facts” about past shutdowns.

1. The last shutdown was now 18 years ago

2. Shutdowns are not unique to Republicans

3. There have been 17 federal shutdowns in U.S. history

4. Six shutdowns occurred under President Jimmy Carter (in four years!)

5. Eight shutdowns occurred under President Ronald Reagan

6. One shutdown occurred under President George H.W. Bush

7. Two shutdowns occurred under President Bill Clinton

8. Carter’s shutdowns lasted longer than Reagan's, and Carter had a Democratic Congress

9. Carter’s longest shutdown lasted for 17 days

10. Carter’s shortest shutdown lasted eight days.

11. Reagan’s shutdowns were all between one and three days

12. George H.W. Bush's shutdown lasted three days, and he had a Democratic Congress

13. Clinton had the longest shutdown, lasting 22 days under a Republican Congress

14. Nearly all of the shutdowns occurred around the beginning of a new fiscal year

So remember, government shutdowns are nothing new, and they’re not always the fault of Republicans.