It's been over 17 years since former first lady Hillary Clinton urged a new community spirit in her book "It Takes A Village." Now President Obama's administration is doing something even her husband didn't--turning it into a $600,000, three-year federal program.

"It Takes A Village: Building State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Partnerships for Community Preparedness and Response" is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program aimed at developing an emergency community plan to handle a natural or manmade disaster.

Worried that local and state governments aren't ready for a crisis, the goal of the program is saving lives by better coordinating state, local and private resources, according to a CDC grant document. The CDC especially wants the grant winner to focus on "underserved community groups such as people with disabilities, non-English speaking populations, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations..."

Clinton's book was a rallying cry for liberals and progressives eager to expand government aid to families. Conservatives decried it as a call for more government intervention into family life.

The thrust of the new It Takes A Village program is clearly providing more government coordination in disasters. "The project," said CDC, "is intended to improve community preparedness and response and to strengthen resiliency, which will reduce injury related morbidity and mortality in public health emergencies and strengthen community and national recovery in the aftermath."

Among the groups the CDC wants involved in the national It Takes A Village plan is the Boy Scouts.