Redditors have been all over the government shutdown for the past few days. Here are 19 of the best memes they’ve created.

1. Overly manly veteran had some strong words for the park police


2. The Bobs had a question for Congress

(reddit user MotoSlug)

3. Congress must have been joking

(reddit user stedanko09)

4. Bad luck Brian was no doubt affected

(reddit user hmmwhyarethesesohard)

5. How all college grads are feeling

(reddit user Silver_Skeeter)

6. Maybe not in this lifetime

(reddit user Nubthesamurai)

7. Lincoln was talking about the Congress before it was cool

(reddit user Bigbrotherxp)

8. Maury Povich has the test results

(reddit user PaintedCeiling)

9. Oh, that government

(reddit user reohh)

10. First day on the Internet kid had an idea!

(reddit user timberwolvesguy)

11. 2014 is just around the corner

(reddit user deathofcake)

12. Zoidberg needs new employment

(reddit user deltora)

13. He just has the worst luck

(reddit user maximtomato)

14. Maybe Winston Churchill will be right

(reddit user Artvandelay1)

15. Roz just wants to do her job

(reddit user whatthefoxsaid)

16. Another overly manly man’s take

(reddit user BoomGoesTehDynamite)

17. Pepperidge Farms remembers old school news reporting

(reddit user theoneeyedcat)

18. Maury always has more test results

(reddit user thorwit)

Keep the memes coming, reddit.