The Phoenix Veterans' Affairs Health Care System fired three senior officials Wednesday, two years after the facility's wait-time scandal broke.

Associate Director Lance Robinson, Chief of Health Administration Service Brad Curry and Chief of Staff Dr. Darren Deering were terminated for the mismanagement and neglect of the PVAHCS, which resulted in the neglect and delayed treatment of veterans.

"We have an obligation to veterans and the American people to take appropriate accountability actions as supported by evidence," VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson said in a statement. "While this process took far too long, the evidence supports these removals and sets the stage for moving forward."

House Veterans' Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller, who has held the agency accountable for its action for years, responded immediately to Gibson's comments.

"This decision is the right one for veterans and taxpayers. Deputy Secretary Gibson is correct in saying the process took 'far too long,'" Florida Rep. Jeff Miller said in a statement.

Miller called on the Senate to take up the House's VA Accountability Act, adding "it's well past time for the Senate to get behind this commonsense proposal."

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said he hopes the VA's decision sets an example for other employees who would seek to abuse the system at veterans' expense.

"Though long-overdue, the removal of those who contributed to the lack of leadership at the Phoenix VA sends a clear message that misconduct and mismanagement will not be tolerated," Flake said in a statement.

The three dismissed employees will not be compensated during the appeals process should they choose to pursue reinstatement.