The Internet has long been concerned with President Obama's drone program, frustrated that the president - a former war protestor - has escalated the use of flying death robots to target terrorists.

Here are some of the top images circulating the Internet that either mock or criticize Obama's drone habit:

1. Let Spock explain this to you ...

2. Obama's 2008 campaign slogan doesn't seem so sunny anymore

3. A second term for the drone warrior

4. Word to Martin Luther King ...

5. I go droning all the time ...

6. Who knew?

7. The inevitable Dr. Strangelove connection

8. How I learned to stop worrying ...

9. Even Willy Wonka doesn't understand

10. The irony is not lost

11. Whee!

12. We go to war

13. Another American foreign policy cowboy

14. To Peace!

15. Drone Gangnam style?

16. The face of fear

17. Obama's trusty steed

18. Away we go!

19. Don't drone me bro ...

20. Game of Drones