What kind of whiskey is worth $2,000 a bottle?

The Old Farm rye whiskey that was produced in 1913 by the West Overton Distilling Co. in Pittsburgh area and bottled in 1917. During renovations of an area mansion twelve cases of the well-aged nectar were discovered hidden under the stairs. A caretaker is now accused of drinking dry 52 of the bottles - valued at around $1,950 each. Lab tests on the bottles found saliva that was linked to the caretaker.

What happened to Maine's sea urchins?

New research has found that over fishing "flipped" the ecosystem supporting the sea urchins making deadly what was once a hospitable environment. Tens of millions of pounds of urchins were harvested in the 1990s with a peak catch of 42 million pounds in 1993. With fewer urchins grazing on the seaweed, kelp beds proliferated, providing an idyllic nursery habitat for Jonah crabs, said researchers in a paper in the Bulletin of Marine Science. The crabs now prey on the urchins that remain - making it hard, if not impossible, for their numbers to recover.

Is it safe to drink energy drinks?

Energy drinks may boost blood pressure and lead to an erratic heartbeat, according to a new study released at the American Heart Association meeting in New Orleans. The drinks, made by companies including Monster Beverage Corp., Living Essentials LLC and Red Bull GmbH, have been linked to hospitalizations and death and are being investigated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulators. Those with pre-existing heart conditions should be particularly cautious when consuming the drinks, said Sachin Shah, the lead study author.