There's no winning elections or "Getting Hollywood Right" without more cash being thrown at right-leaning entertainment, "2016: Obama's America" co-director John Sullivan told conservative activists Friday at CPAC.

Sullivan, speaking on the "Getting Hollywood Right" panel, noted that Republicans are being outspent by billions of dollars each year simply because the content of most television shows and movies favors liberal policies. Republicans, he said, will match the Democrats in political contributions and outspend them on television ads. "And not realize that they've been overspent by $16 billion," Sullivan surmised, since the shows are liberal too. "And now we ask, 'Why don't we win elections?' I ask, why do we win elections in this situation?" he mused.

Sullivan said it wouldn't take all that much money, maybe $250 million, to change the tide. "If you took a portion of what was spent on this last presidential election you could flip the country in two years as far as entertainment goes. It's literally that simple," he told the crowd. "To paraphrase a friend, Andrew Breitbart, if you can't sell freedom and liberty, you suck," he concluded.