Last year was the third consecutive year of record global warmth, according to a new report that was led by federal government officials.

The American Meteorological Society on Thursday published the annual State of the Climate study, which found 2016 surpassed 2015 as the warmest year in the 137 years weather patterns have been documented.

Long-term global warming and a strong El Nino early in the year were cited as the reasons for the uptick in temperature.

The report was composed by nearly 500 scientists from approximately 60 countries. It is the most comprehensive annual summary of global and national climate data.

The scientists found the level of greenhouse gases, global surface temperatures, global sea level, and global lower tropospheric temperatures all hit record highs in 2016.

The report said there was an increase in the water cycle or the process evaporating water goes into air and becomes rain or snow again. The bustling El NiƱo cycle contributed to higher levels of precipitation, as well as more tropical cyclones than normal.

Meanwhile, the Arctic continued to warm while sea ice extent remained low. Last year was the 37th consecutive year of overall alpine glacier retreat around the world.

The New York Times published a similar story earlier this month that claimed to have been leaked by a scientist who was afraid if the report was not leaked outside of the government, its findings - that global warming continues - would be "suppressed" by the Trump administration.

The Times later issued a correction and admitted the report was first published in January.

President Trump has insisted climate change is a hoax and promised to pull the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.