Today the Washington Examiner published our last daily print paper featuring local coverage.

Below are some of the memorable local covers that have appeared in the Washington Examiner in the past eight years.

Some of the covers exposed government fraud and waste while others focused on Metro troubles. At times the paper would embrace its "inner-tabloid" to delight the reader with sensational covers.


1. That's one creepy rat


2. An escalating problem


3. Um.


4. After lawyers complained about the smell, this burger joint had to close


5. Exposing Dulles Rail board family favors


6. Reacting to another hot summer in Washington


7. Poking fun at Virginia's plan to cover Viagra for state workers




8. Occupy comes to D.C.

9. Occupy on its way out of DC

10. Examiner readers helped our Most Wanted feature capture criminals


11. The dangers of jogging and walking in the city wearing headphones


12. One of many embarrassing Metro stories


13. Bikeshare cover made a splash on the local scene


14. The DC Earthquake cover. Never forget.


15. Tiny Terror


16. D.C. getting impatient with Occupy protestors


17. Kwame resigns


18. Cocaine Soup?


19.  Joining the cicadas craze


20. We feel your pain Washington


21. Thank you, Washington