WikiLeaks published another tranche of emails Sunday which it claims were stolen from John Podesta, the campaign chairman of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Sunday's dump of about 1,000 emails, the ninth release so far, comes only a day after the last release and brings the total to 12,703 emails.

WikiLeaks, headed by Julian Assange, claims to have 50,000 of Podesta's emails and has said it would release them in batches up until Election Day.

So far the emails have provided insight into Clinton's campaign, revealing transcripts from the former secretary of state's speeches to Goldman Sachs, plots to undermine her primary rival Bernie Sanders and efforts draw attention away from Bill Clinton's sex scandals.

Sunday's trove revealed Clinton's aides expressed concern, months before the former secretary of state launched her second presidential bid, that her health could become a liability for her campaign. Clinton's health has been subject to intense scrutiny following a health scare on Sept. 11 when she collapsed while getting into a van following a ceremony. Her doctor later revealed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia before the incident.

Other emails revealed former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed interest in being secretary of state.

The Clinton campaign has not said whether or not the emails are authentic but does blame the Russian government for the cyberattack — claiming the hack of the emails is part of their effort to elect Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

U.S. intelligence officials also think the email releases may be part of Russian-backed efforts to influence the presidential election.