Three 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges appointed by former President Bill Clinton will hear oral arguments on Monday about President Trump's travel ban.

The 9th Circuit said Judges Ronald M. Gould of Seattle, Richard A. Paez of Pasadena, Calif., and Senior Judge Michael Daly Hawkins of Phoenix, Ariz., will fill the panel presiding over Monday's arguments. Clinton nominated Hawkins and Paez in 1994 and picked Gould in 1999.

The case will pit U.S. Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall against Neal Katyal, representing the State of Hawaii. Wall argued another case about the litigation over Trump's travel ban earlier this week before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia. Katyal has regularly argued before the Supreme Court, including more appearances this term than any other attorney. Monday's arguments will have a lasting impact on how immigration cases are adjudicated going forward and preview the controversy likely to arrive at the Supreme Court soon.