Kylee is an 8-year-old from McLean who started her own company, Little Ladies Inventing Fun Through Entrepreneurship, or lLIFTE, to teach girls about entrepreneurship. With the help of her mother and friends, she is working on a website called Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand.

What is Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand?

Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand is a prototype that teaches kids how to become entrepreneurs through games and some things that you might find in real life. We decided for it to be a lemonade stand because that's one of the most entrepreneurial things that a kid gets to do in their young life -- but we're going to change that, of course.

How did you get the idea for Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand?

We were just thinking up ideas that had something to do with lLIFTE, and we were like, "lLIFTE app! lLIFTE board game!" And then I said a website. But I was thinking we needed to start including boys in our games. ... So we made Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand and said that boys could play, too.

Why do you think it's so important for kids to have entrepreneurial skills?

My example is short and sweet: If you're an entrepreneur, you get to design your dream and make your own rules. And if you get to design your dream and make your own rules, you get a stinking cool life.

How have you done that in your own life?

Well, I still have to follow some rules, like "Do your homework," and stuff. But with this, I make my own rules, and I find it very fun. Every once in a while, I get some tough spots, but then I realize that that rule is not the best rule, so I change it.

What's the biggest thing you've learned about starting a company?

You have to listen when other people are giving feedback. Because sometimes I don't listen when others are giving feedback, and it doesn't turn out that fun. If you're not listening, you miss out on all the good stuff.

- April Burbank