As a winner of the Pepsi Max Field of Dreams competition, the 23-year-old Centreville resident will join baseball legends from the National League as they face the American League in Rochester, N.Y., on May 18.

Tell me about the game. Me, my dad, my uncle and two buddies of mine are playing on the National League team. We're playing against the American League team [and the other competition winner], Johnny Perotti, and his five friends.

What position will you play? I'm going to play center field.

Do you have experience playing baseball? Yeah, I played high school baseball.

Which player are you most excited about playing with? Mike Schmidt. He's a Philadelphia Phillie, and that's where I was born and raised.

Are you nervous about keeping up? Our team is actually pretty good. Two have played college baseball, and the two other guys are athletic. We'll be able to hold our own and I definitely think we'll have a good chance at winning.

Are you training before the game? My one buddy played baseball for Salisbury University, and he is going to get us onto the field for batting practice with the team. And we've been hitting a little bit in the backyard.

How will going to baseball games feel different after this? It's definitely going to be fun knowing that ... we got to take batting practice with the Hall of Famers, which is probably something these new players -- Bryce Harper and these other guys -- haven't been able to do.

Is there anyone you're scared to play against on the American League team? Frank Thomas is going to be a tough one. He's definitely going to be one that hits the ball hard, and hopefully it stays in the field, at least.

- Rachel Baye