Reed is a life coach and the founder of Put It In Perspective, an organization dedicated to helping high schoolers and young adults in the Washington area use better decision-making and achieve their goals. Put It In Perspective was created in late 2012, and Reed said she plans to host seminars throughout the summer to empower young people.

What is the mission of Put It In Perspective?

We empower primarily high school and college students with life-coaching techniques. ... I've taken the concept of using flow charts and other road-map techniques and connecting that with goals and desires on a personal level. ... If you want to work on a goal, we can flow out what it's going to take to achieve that goal.

How did you get started in life coaching?

A colleague walked into my office one day and said, "Have you ever thought about getting a certification for life coaching?" The more I looked into it and started to reach out in the community, I decided it was something I wanted to do.

Why young adults?

I strongly feel if we can learn to make great decisions when we're younger, we will have the techniques down pat, and we will make sure to make better decisions later on. We want to empower youth with critical thinking skills and techniques for making decisions.

What are some of the reactions you've been getting?

Some of the feedback I'm getting are people saying: "I want to change my life, and I want to do something that I've only wanted to do but didn't know how to do it. I want to reorganize my life. I want to look at career paths, I want to make a determination on should I go into the military, should I go to college?" We show them how they can make those decisions. We love the positivity. We only promote positivity.