Level isn't the type of fitness club where you go, plug in your headphones and spend an hour on the treadmill. It's more like the kind of place people go to do something, like learn to break dance or do yoga while suspended feet above the ground. In fact, it's the only place in Montgomery County to do that kind of thing. Morgan, Level's director of fitness, talks about how the club came up with some of its unique options for staying in shape.

How did you come up with the idea to have break dancing classes for kids?

We had been running kids hip-hop programs at Level for the past nine months, and we had an instructor change and one of our personal trainers has a very close friend named Antonio Castillo. Antonio started the first all-kids break dance school in D.C.

In hip-hop and funk dancing you have a lot of diverse styles. They were learning a lot of break dancing stuff anyway, and that's what they liked. So I contacted Antonio and asked if he'd like to teach. There's not anything like break dancing in the Montgomery County area.

Are there plans to expand this program to adults?

We have roughly talked about doing adults. Antonio has a professional break dance crew that's all adults, so it's something he could do.

So what's up with aerial yoga?

Aerials consists of a silk sling hung from the ceiling, and you can be wrapped inside, you can be wrapped around it. You can do anything you can do in a yoga class, but expand it into anything more interesting or has a balance component. It expands the world of yoga into a new place. For a lot of people, it increases the fun factor. Who doesn't like to sit in a hammock and swing?

- Andy Brownfield