Seremetis is founder of DC Bike Party, a monthly evening bike ride through the city, which usually has a theme and always ends at a bar.

What is DC Bike Party?

We have a designated meeting spot, which is always Dupont Circle on the second Wednesday of every month. Myself and several other friends and volunteers help plan routes ahead of time. We ride around, we scout out what would be a good pit stop for the route, and then we always end at a different bar throughout the city and typically try and get bands to play afterward, too. And we have speakers, really loud speakers, that people tote on their bikes, so we have collaborative playlists that everybody puts together to go with the theme.

Why did you decide to start this, and how did it begin?

The whole bike party idea started in San Jose, Calif. I grew up there, and so that's kind of how I knew about it, from friends who had done it. And once I started riding a bike in the city last year, I thought it would be a cool idea to try and get something like that going.

What kind of people usually participate?

It's totally a motley crew. It's people who are college kids, they're lobbyists, lawyers ... you name it. It's very communal, and I think it's the one place where no one says, "Oh, what do you do for a living?" when they start to meet you.

What's your favorite part about doing these events?

We usually ride for about 10 miles, and after five, we do a pit stop ... I think my favorite part is when we take off after the pit stop, because after that we've all regrouped, and usually the energy is pretty high. People are excited to get to the bar and party. And I think my favorite part is just people cheering to the music -- sometimes sing-alongs will happen. I love the energy of the ride.

?- April Burbank