Burke resident Kennerley is an 18-year-old magician with his own business. He attends Robinson Secondary School and puts on magic shows for kids on the weekends.

How did you get into magic?

I've been performing magic since I was about 8 years old, so for a decade now. And I first got into magic when my grandma bought me a magic set. I just fell in love with it, and my passion for it has grown until I was ready to take the big step into creating my own business back in 2010. And I've been performing professionally since 2006.

Do you hope to make a career out of this?

I really hope so. Years ago I wanted to be a big headliner in Vegas, but after creating my business, I'm pretty much happy doing anything magic-related. I hope to continue my kids show, but I hope to expand into performing for adults, as well. But whether I pursue my childhood Vegas dream or just perform in D.C. -- I don't know which one, but I'll see where life takes me I guess.

Have you created any of your own tricks?

All my tricks in my show are original presentation, but the tricks may not be original. I have created one trick, which is a dove routine. The kids always find it funny because the dove I have is actually a bar of Dove soap. The bar flies around and wreaks havoc.

What is it about magic that you love so much?

I love to perform magic because I love to see the reactions of everybody. I love just having a great time. Because I like to have my magic more focused on the entertaining, rather than fooling the audience. So if they're having a great time, then I'm having a great time, as well.

-- Liz Essley