New Obamacare ads targeting Oregon residents never mention health care reform or the system's new health care exchanges opening Oct. 1, and instead feature psychedelic Images of people flying through the air singing, “Long live Oregonians, we’re free to be healthy.”

The so-called “Free” ads cost $3.2 million.

What's odd about the ads for Cover Oregon is the lack of information about Obamacare or the demand that citizens without health insurance register with the system's health insurance exchanges, said the anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform.

“Taxpayers are on the hook for $3.2 million for acid-trip TV ads promoting Obamacare in Oregon. Devoid of information about the state exchange, Oregon's newest Obamacare ad features absolutely no information about the health care law and what enrolling in the state exchange means,” said the group. They credited for pointing out the ads.

The ad features a singer whose guitar grows wings, a fisherman whose catch of the day lifts him into the sky and farmer riding a huge carrot.

Here are the lyrics:

"We fly with our own wings. Care about the same things. We stand strong together. So let me hear you say. We fly with our own wings. Dreamin' all the big dreams. Long live Oregonians; we're free to be healthy. Long live Oregonians; we're free to be healthy."

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