As Secretary of State John Kerry makes President Obama's case for military action in Syria, multiple photos of his weary appearance are surfacing online.

Based on these photos, Kerry appears either very glum about the situation in Syria or he's getting tired of trying to explain why the United States should go to war with the country.

1. Sigh


2. I guess it's time for war

3. Here is my official statement


4. It looks pretty bad over there


5. So what do you think?

6. War?


7. Or diplomacy?


8. Can I convince them?


9. This is going to be a long process


10. Let me think about this.


11. Hand me another memo

12. We're serious

13. I need a nap


14. I'm so jet lagged


15. What are they even saying?


16. Here's what I think. . .


17. Syria-sly?


18. Fine. I'm waving.


19. I miss my yacht.

20. Is this hearing over yet?


21. Oh no. We've got two more hours.



22. Stupid Assad. . .


23. Where am I?


24. These Republicans make me tired.


25. I can't take this anymore


26. Just stop talking already. . .

27. Fine, I'll bring my own chair.


28. It's time to act.


29. I mean it.


30. We march at dawn.