More than one-third of American adults think zombies would do a better job running the country than the current federal government, according to a new poll from Rasmussen.

“A sizable number of Americans think the undead would do a better job than the brain dead in Washington, D.C.,” the report said.

Zombies are actually tied with the federal government for who would do a better job running the country, with 37 percent believing the current government is better.

An astounding 26 percent don’t know who would be better. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs for the current state of government in this country.

Running the country is not the only thing that zombies are good at, oh no. Here are some other things that the undead excel at:

1. Walking slowly

2. Eating people

3. Dancing

4. Getting lost

5. Taking a punch

6. Getting shot in the head

7. Rocking out at concerts

8. Playing video games

9. Impaling themselves

10. Mowing the lawn

11. Looking confused

12. Conversation