NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Five people were wounded by gunfire near a New Orleans intersection where a parade passed earlier celebrating the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Police spokeswoman Remi Braden said the victims were all 17 or 18 and investigators believe none of their wounds was life-threatening.

She said surveillance video from a store where the teens had gathered Monday afternoon shows a white car driving up and an occupant shooting at them from the car's sunroof. The car then drove off.

The shooting happened less than an hour after the holiday parade in honor of the slain civil rights leader had passed. Police said officers rushed to the area after the shooting and the situation was brought quickly under control.

"So many young men in America are angry and bitter and here in New Orleans is no exception," police chief Ronal Serpas told reporters at the scene. "And they use violence as a way to settle disputes as opposed to peace. So, anytime we have an act of violence like this on Martin Luther King day it's really a bit more sad."

Area resident Tanile Legendre said the shooting frightened neighbors still outside enjoying the day after the parade had passed. "I just think that's so sad for them to be doing that, shooting and killing on Martin Luther King Day," Legendre told WWL TV. "It's embarrassing to the community."