This picture comes from a concert in New York this week, published by the NYT, which didn't find it newsworthy to remark upon Fiddy's outfit.

Apparently, he's been doing this for a while, but I've never noticed until now. He released a video for "Rider Pt. 2" last year, the video for which flouts the tradition of several branches of the armed services, as the members of G-Unit stomp around in what look to be Marine, Army, and Navy uniforms, and Fiddy stars in the unlikely role of a unbuttoned, sloppy Marine drill sergeant.

The lyrics for "Rider Pt. 2" are too silly to be insulting, and have little to do with the uniforms featured, except that they liken 50's travails and battles to those faced by actual soldiers. The same cannot be said for 50's "My Toy Soldier," and I'm betting "Casualties of War" isn't totally troop-supportive, though I've been unable to find the lyrics, so it may just be about gang wars and street crime.

My eye is not trained, so I couldn't tell you everything that's wrong with the way 50 and Co. are wearing these uniforms, but I do know that service members earn their uniforms and take pride in wearing them properly. 50 Cent is doing neither.

This is not 50's first foray into political statments. Back in 2005, he called George Bush a "gangsta," and this year he endorsed Hillary Clinton before flip-flopping to get behind Barack.

Here's the video for "Rider Pt. 2." (Language warning) What say you, military readers and milbloggers?