More than three quarters of Republicans are giving up on top mainstream media sources, calling CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times untrustworthy.

A new survey focused on "fake news" also found that one-in-five Americans don't think any news sources is trustworthy.

In the poll from the boutique public relations firm Bospar, the public's overall view of all media is sour and driven by their belief in "fake news," a term pushed by President Trump. Just consider this finding: 57 percent agree with Trump that fake news is created by mainstream news outlets.

The deep partisan divide over the media continues in the new poll. Here are the trustworthiness findings by party of key sites:

  • CNN -- 22 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of Democrats call it trustworthy.
  • MSNBC -- 12 percent of Republicans and 40 percent of Democrats call it trustworthy.
  • New York Times -- 20 percent of Republicans and 57 percent feel it's trustworthy.

The smallest gap was for Fox News: 53 percent of Republicans think Fox News is trustworthy, but only 29 percent of Democrats do.

The public's distrust of news media and social media outlets extends to Trump's Twitter feed, which he often uses to announce new policies. The survey analysis said 21 percent of Republicans "consider Donald Trump's Twitter feed to be a trustworthy news source, but only 4 percent of Democrats agree."

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