Pressure is growing on House leaders to create a special committee to probe the Sept. 11, 2012 terror attack and murders of U.S. officials at the Behghazi, Libya consulate, with 70 Republican members and over 700 former special operations officers demanding an investigation.

"For the good of the country, we ought to find out what happened," said Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf, who is pushing legislation to create the special committee.

Wolf, going to bat for the diplomats targeted in the surprised attack, including the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens, said he is concerned that the administration is hiding something.

"I think there probably was a cover-up," he told Secrets. "We've got to find out what actually happened."

The attack and the administration's fumbling of it temporarily threatened President Obama's reelection campaign and cast a cloud over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her last months on the job. The administration has promised a probe, but still hasn't produced the information sought by critics.

For example, said Wolf, Congress still doesn't know the identify of all the survivors. "We have an obligation to honor those people," he said.

Wolf has is backed by the the group Special Operations Speaks which has collected the 700 signatures of former special operations officers. They said of Wolf's plan: "It's an opportunity for a comprehensive investigation that connects all the dots, and holds people accountable."