As the nation debates the surging demand for federal aid and the status of children born here to illegal citizens, a new Rasmussen Reports poll finds remarkable agreement that those seeking federal financial help must first prove they are Americans.

Just over eight in 10 likely voters said "yes" when asked if "before anyone receives government services should they prove they are a citizen?" Rasmussen said 81 percent agreed, and just 9 percent said no.

What's more, the results were fairly consistent among men, women, Democrats, Republicans, blacks and whites.

In the new poll, Rasmussen also found that a majority do not believe that the children born here to illegal immigrant parents should automatically become U.S. citizens. Some 53 percent said no versus 37 percent who agreed. The results, however, differ if just Democrats and liberals are polled. They favor granting U.S. status by a majority.

Federal aid to citizens has become a presidential issue as is how Washington should deal with the children of illegal citizens.

Before Anyone Receives Gov't Services Should They Prove They are a Citizen?

Yes - 81%

No - 9%

Not sure - 10%

If Woman is Illegal and Gives Birth to Child in US Should Child Be a Citizen?

Yes - 37%

No - 53%

Not sure - 9%