A stunning 88 percent of Americans believe college grads this year will have difficulty finding jobs, a grim employment scene that prompted 51 percent to urge businesses to hire high school graduates and drop the college requirement, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll.

The national telephone poll of 1,000 adults highlights the pessimistic landscape for new graduates and explains why younger voters are growing more unsupportive of President Obama and Washington.

In the poll, 45 percent said it will be "very difficult" for grads to find a job; only 8 percent don't think it will be hard.

Other findings:

» 24 percent have someone in their family who is graduating from high school or college this spring.

» 59 percent believe the primary purpose for attending college is to learn the skills needed to get a better job.

» 51 percent believe it would be better if more businesses offered jobs to high school grads rather than requiring a college degree.

» Overwhelming majorities of adults across all demographic groups say finding jobs will prove difficult for recent graduates. Those with children under 18 living at home feel even more strongly about that than those without kids.