President Trump's effort to streamline the government and cut costs has near universal support among Americans, a boost to his dual efforts to reduce overlapping efforts and introduce some business savvy into the bureaucracy.

On the day Trump was naming his son-in-law Jared Kushner to head the business initiative, the moderate Republican Ripon Society provided Secrets with polling showing substantial backing for the administration's effort.

According to the polling conducted as Trump assumed the presidency:

— When asked if "federal government programs should be subjected to regular performance reviews to ensure they are providing Americans with value for their tax dollars," 94 percent of Americans – and 95 percent of Trump voters – said that they should.

— When asked if federal regulations should have a sunset date "where they either end or Congress decides to renew them," 79 percent of Americans – and 88 percent of Trump voters – said that they should.

— Along similar lines, when asked if they believed that "federal workers should be rewarded if they are doing a good job" and more easily fired "if they are doing a bad job," 85 percent of Americans – and 89 percent of Trump voters — said that they believed that they should.

— 66 percent of voters think the federal government is not doing enough to solve problems.

On a dual track to Kushner's effort, the president has also ordered the Office of Management and Budget to draw up a list of agency cuts and consolidations. That is expected to be completed in a few months, afterwhich the White House will ask the public for ideas.

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