The Occupy Movement, which camped out in parks nationwide to speak for the non-wealthy 99 percent of the nation during the 2012 elections, is going to bat for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, an admitted member of the 1 percent club.

Occupy Roanoke issued a call to supporters to rally against McAuliffe's challenger, Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and running mate E.W. Jackson.

"The Cooch is coming to Roanoke tomorrow and the McAuliffe people are looking for some counter' people," Occupy Roanoke said on its Facebook page. "They are meeting at 10:15 tomorrow in the parking lot of Sam's Club in Roanoke, right by the gas station. Then they will go across the street. No need to bring anything, they've got the signs covered. We need to get out there and let them know we want no part of him or EW Jackson!!!"

GOP foes to McAuliffe were quick to seize on comments the Democrat made in 2004 in which he said he is a member of the nation's super-wealthy top 1 percent. The new GOP group America Rising seized on Occupy Roanoke's plans first.

"ALL: The McAuliffe campaign is asking the Occupy movement for help in Virginia. Kind of ironic coming from a guy who used his political connections to propel himself into the 1 percent," said spokesman Joe Pounder in a release titled: "Will Occupy Roanoke Really Back The Guy Who Called Himself Mr. 1%?"