The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to let C-SPAN televise live oral arguments about President Trump's travel ban next month.

The western federal appeals court will hear arguments over Trump's travel ban on Dec. 6 in Seattle, Wash.

In addition to the 9th Circuit, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals this week gave C-SPAN access to broadcast audio only at its arguments over the ban on Dec. 8.

The third version of Trump's travel ban has hit the federal appeals courts after judges in Hawaii and Maryland in October blocked the new guidance issued by the Trump administration in September. The new travel ban restrictions targeted six countries with a significant terrorist presence that are also Muslim-majority nations, and added Chad, Venezuela, and North Korea to the list of countries whose citizens may not travel to the United States. However, only Venezuelan government officials, and not Venezuelan citizens, were blocked by the ban.

The Justice Department has urged the Supreme Court to intervene in the travel ban litigation before it arrives at either federal appeals court next month.