On his American Interest blog the judicious Walter Russell Mead has some blistering words for President Obama's foreign policy, starting with his “painfully inept Syria policy.” Like the following:

Our Syria response has harmed America’s position, our alliances in the Middle East, and our relationships around the world — to say nothing of the humanitarian disaster we’ve implicated ourselves in.

To bluster heroically about how "Assad must go," then do nothing as he stays; to epically proclaim grandiose red lines and make military threats that fall humiliatingly flat; to grasp with pathetic eagerness an obviously bogus Russian negotiating ploy; to sputter ineffectually as the talks collapse … it is rare that American diplomacy is conducted this poorly for so long a period of time.

The president is spending the weekend golfing in California, reportedly in his usual foursome. Perhaps understandably. Spending the weekend pondering the ramifications of his Syria policy would be painful.