“I’m a barefoot gal,” Jennifer Ayana Harrison says, as she removes her socks to free her feet during a photo session. “Everybody knows that.”

Harrison, 62, says she must allow her feet the freedom to connect to the vibrations in her space, unblocked by barriers such as shoes, which she leaves at the door.

It is how she stays connected to the earth’s elements in a house that oozes with good vibrations inside and out.

From a block away, the colonial-style home gives off a mystical feel and the welcoming sense of a place where being a guest for a few days seems natural. The home’s regal positioning on a corner hill in the snug historic Windsor Hills neighborhood makes it a great surprise when it comes into view around a sharp turn.

At the front door, simple signage urges a love state of mind and prepares visitors for entering a space dedicated to calming spirits.

Inside, a small portion of the entryway floor is inscribed with the word “Peace” tiled into the ceramic like a welcome mat. Sculptures, carvings, candles and colorful fabrics collected over a lifetime combine with mesmerizing scents to create an environment you're not in a hurry to leave.

“My family always thought I was from another galaxy,” joked the single mother of twin teenage sons, referring to her attraction to metaphysics, healing and health foods over the past 30 years. With a growing movement in the world toward greater understanding of things unseen and the connection between space and the spiritual self, Harrison said, “Now my sister says I was ahead of my time.”

Time does stand still in the eclectically styled house while enjoying a meal at the retro pink-and-black sweetheart kitchen set from the 1950s, a treasure she inherited from a family member.

Time also is a measurement easily forgotten after descending the three-story spiral staircase at the center of the 2,900-square-foot house into the lower level. There, Harrison operates Ayana, a relaxing spa sanctuary enhanced with crystals and soft music, where she offers volcanic ash facials, massages and healing work for clients and friends.

One of her favorite spaces in the spa area is the meditation room, a sacred place she happily shares with others as long as they enter it wearing no shoes.

“I’m an energy person,” she said. “We need to pay attention to the vibrations.”

For more than 30 years Jennifer Ayana Harrison has used her natural attraction to metaphysics to design a healing environment in her home. Years ago her family said she was from another galaxy. Now they say she was ahead of her time.

Jennifer Ayana Harrison’s Style:
  • STYLE PHILOSOPHY — My style embraces the art and practices of many cultures. While my focus is African-American, it is inclusive. I see all of us as one.
  • STYLE SECRETS — Use the light that enters the space to guide the mood you create there.  
  • GOT STYLE FROM — My desire to be connected to other cultures. Every place I’ve have has been eclectic.
  • COMFORT VS. STYLE — Comfort rules. I don't want a sofa nice and pretty and people don't feel like flopping down on it.
  • COLOR VS. TEXTURE — These go together for me. I'm drawn to the texture, and the color makes me stay.
  • FAVORITE COLOR — I have a few and am partial to pastels and earth tones.
  • WHAT DOES COLOR SAY TO YOU? — Colors represent different vibrations and energy fields. In creating my space I look at color for feeling, mood and vibration.
  • MUST-HAVES IN YOUR HOUSE — A fountain, water, candles, incense, fresh flowers and plants. I need enhancers to create aura, energy and harmonious vibes.
  • MOST BELOVED OBJECT — My meditation room and my sculpture I call Ayana.
  • WHAT PEOPLE WOULDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME — Although I have entertained a lot in my home, I value my private time.
  • MOST UNUSUAL THING ABOUT ME — Quiet meditation helps me remember my true self and my God self, and I prefer to do that out in nature. I'm a warm person who likes the sun and the ocean.
  • WORDS TO GROW BY — Remember who you are and find time to celebrate your divinity. Always go back to love and forgiveness, which are two important factors in living a meaningful life.