Texas Governor Rick Perry has done everything he can to make Lt. Governor David Dewhurst the next U.S. Senator from Texas, but polls suggest that his opponent, Ted Cruz, is leading the race. Last night the Texas governor joined a Dewhurst phone bank in a last ditch effort to push him over the top.

Last week Sen. Jim DeMint R-S.C., Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky., Former Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. and former Governor Sarah Palin R-Alaska, campaigned in Texas for Cruz, putting themselves in direct opposition of the Texas establishment.

But Perry isn’t pleased with the out-of-state opposition, and accused the outside groups supporting Cruz of wanting DeMint to to be the next majority whip, according to KERA News.

“I don’t think anybody knows David Dewhurst any better than I do. And when we talk about what’s going to be best for Texas, is a senator from South Carolina going to be better for Texas than John Cornyn?” he said.

DeMint, however, has generally preferred the role of bomb-thrower to that of Senate leadership. His spokesman recently swatted down talk of his being interested in Senate leadership:

Senator DeMint has not sought and does not plan to seek a Senate leadership post and reports to the contrary are simply false.