MSNBC writers and tweeters posit that the "right wing" broadly and uniquely bears hatred for multiracial family.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner might have meant no ill will when she asked of GOP congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers "where's the needlepoint," but imagine if a conservative host had asked that about a Democratic woman. And there's no real innocent interpretation of NY Times editor Andrew Rosenthal calling Rodgers a "Stepford" wife.

It's not hard to see a theme here: New York liberals holding conservative women in disdain. I've seen that Rosenthal mindset plenty: the assumption that a woman who holds conservative views does so only because she has had her brain removed and reprogrammed by manipulative men.

This closed-mindedness is far from universal. I'm from New York and I live in Montgomery County, Md., and most of my liberal friends are happy for me having a big family and a conservative wife who stays at home working (more than) full time to take care of our kids and home. But to the degree this mindset does exist at the liberal mainstream media, it really dampens any hope for peaceful discussions about family, marriage, and politics.