Danilo Ulloa has been living the Washington region since he was 3 years old. Now 30, the Herndon resident once thought he would be too old to celebrate another championship season by one of the city's struggling franchises.

"I was too young to celebrate the Redskins championship in 1991 like I wanted to," Ulloa said. "Now I believe that our teams are headed in the right direction. I could be wrong, but I'm very optimistic."

No D.C. team has won anything yet, but there is enough evidence to give fans like Ulloa hope this September.

Miserable records
The Nationals and Redskins have been dismal in recent years, but baseball fans can see signs of improvement, while the Redskins have regressed.
Year Nationals W-L Redskins W-L
2011 80-81 5-11
2010 69-93 6-10
2009 59-103 4-12
2008 59-102 8-8
2007 73-89 9-7

The Nationals, bottom-dwellers in the MLB nearly every season since the franchise came to Washington, are leading their division in the last month of the season.

The playoffs are an expectation, not a dream, and some fans expect more. The last time a baseball team from Washington won a World Series was in 1924.

Ulloa said he's saving money for National League Championship Series tickets.

Even the Redskins, which have given fans new reasons to hope every offseason, have a different feeling this fall with Robert Griffin III behind center.

Remember last year when Rex Grossman and John Beck battled for the starting quarterback slot? This is different. Fans are counting on Griffin to put the franchise on his back and end the postseason struggles that have tormented the team since they won the Super Bowl in 1991.

"I don't think this area has had so much upside regarding sports in a long time," Ulloa said.