It’s been a busy year for POTUS, despite those who resist.

But will the Donald wind up favorably on St. Nick’s list?

There were significant gains against those who practice hate,

And he cut miles of government red tape.

Neil Gorsuch joined those on the Supreme Court floor,

And Trump shocked all by leaving the Paris Climate Accord.

However many of his actions have been just as shocking,

And he just might find coal in his Christmas stocking.

A thumbs up to Roy Moore Trump gave,

But he couldn’t lead Obamacare to its grave.

Funding for the wall has been rather thin,

And need we say more than just “Mike Flynn?”

2018 is a year looking bright,

If Trump could only avoid a Twitter fight.

Naughty or nice Trump will always be here,

So Merry Christmas, Mr. President, and Happy New Year!