About one in four Americans ages 18-30 say they “don’t really need” health insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. About 35 percent are unwilling to say it’s “worth the money it costs.”

Those are pretty big minorities of the population that don’t want health insurance. But guess what? They will be forced by Obamacare to buy health insurance.

If the birth-control-mandate fight is any indicator, Democrats will, however, use these numbers — and the fact that most people want insurance and think it’s worth the money — to justify the individual health-insurance mandate. Remember how the Obama administration and other Democrats used sketchy statistics to assert that almost everyone uses contraception, thus those who oppose its use should be forced to buy it for employees, anyway?

It’s a strange line for so-called liberals to take: Most of us make personal choices that differ from yours, so stop complaining about the fact that we are requiring you to live like us!! It boils down to loving democracy more than liberty, I guess.