Abby Huntsman, daughter of former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, became the latest offspring-of-a-famous-pol to land a job in media after she accepted a position at the Huffington Post last week. (See also: Chelsea Clinton, Meghan McCain and Barbara Bush). Huntsman, who made a splash with her sisters during the campaign with amusing videos and a candid Twitter feed, will be a host-producer for HuffPost Live, the organization's new TV channel.

Though Huntsman is not the first famous kid at the Huffington Post (Steven Spielberg's son Theo is on the payroll as a music writer), HuffPost Live president Roy Sekoff said they didn't pick her for her last name.

"We weren't looking to hire host-producers with a recognizable name," Sekoff wrote to Yeas & Nays. "We were looking for the best people to handle the role."

He also called Huntsman "smart, warm, engaging" with the ability to "both express a strong opinion and facilitate a conversation in which others can express theirs."

Sadly, Huntsman will not be joined by her sisters, Liddy and Mary Anne. No word on if she'll reprise that amazing fake mustache.