New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed hard to ensure that lobbying groups would have to disclose their donors, and bragged about the sunlight the law would bring.

Now the state government has exempted exactly one lobbying group from the ethics laws: NARAL, the leading lobbyist for legal abortion.

At the Albany Times-Union, Rick Karlin has the story:

One of the most outspoken lobbying groups in the state has been given an exemption to donor disclosure rules after saying the information could put its contributors in danger.

NARAL Pro Choice NY is so far the sole recipient of a disclosure exemption under new lobbyist donor rules now in effect.

The group was in the forefront of efforts to pass the full 10-point version of the Women’s Equality Act, including a controversial provision updating an abortion rights law.

Members of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics announced the exemption after a closed-door meeting on Tuesday.

“People who give money to our lobbying effort, we won’t have to disclose those names,” said Tara Sweeney, a NARAL spokeswoman.