Dr. Carmen Landau, an abortion doctor in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was caught on camera by a pro-life activist comparing the injection used to kill a baby in the womb as "like any shot, you know, like a flu shot, or a vaccine, really."

Live Action, the non-profit pro-life activist group that created the video, released a statment in conjunction with it by its president, Lila Rose, saying:

"These babies, whom Carmen Landau calls 'not a thinking being,' are unique and precious human persons. They feel, they dream, they grow...and when an abortionist tries to kill them with a needle or with forceps, they react. They fight for their lives, just as any of us would."

Go here to watch the video, but be forewarned that it is graphic.

Ashley Schow is a commentary staff writer. She can be reached at aschow@washingtonexaminer.com.