Appreciation comes in many different forms, some more dignified than others.

For us, the YouTube video released Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union falls into the "less-than-dignified" category.

Then again, maybe we're being unfair. Maybe you disagree with our characterization and maybe you think the video, titled “A Day Without The Constitution,” is some lighthearted fun.

But I think we can all agree that the video is terribly bizarre, yes?

From the video's description:

Have you ever thought about what a day could look like if the Constitution had not been ratified 225 years ago? Watch this video and take a moment to reflect on some of the other freedoms you might have lost. The ACLU is sponsoring a petition to ask Congress to make Constitution Day a federal holiday. The Constitution made us the “United States of America.” People in America should have one day every year dedicated to celebrating the Constitution in the same way that they celebrate the country’s Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July. What better time to do that than on the 10th anniversary of Constitution Day?

In 2004, Congress recognized that students should learn a curriculum on the Constitution every September 17th -- the anniversary of the day it was signed in Philadelphia in 1787. Five years later, President Obama signed a proclamation designating September 17th through September 23rd as Constitution Week. He urged leaders of civic, social and educational organizations to conduct ceremonies and programs that celebrate our Constitution and reaffirm our rights.