Aging gracefully can't be easy, especially for anyone in Hollywood. Some rest on their laurels in their golden years. Others, like actor-producer-director James Woods, dabble in dank memes and end up spreading conspiracy theories.

Woods retweeted a pathetically fake statement from a Cambridge Antifa account, touting an obviously fake endorsement from House Speaker Paul Ryan. And apparently many of the actor's 819,000 followers were gullible enough to believe that the Wisconsin policy wonk secretly harbored anarchist sympathies.

But while it's obviously fake, it could make for interesting dystopian fan fiction. Chamber of Commerce golden boy by day, Ryan could double as an Antifa hood by night, a sort of intersectional superhero who uses his CrossFit powers to smash windows, torch limousines, and fight the corporate, racist, capitalist status quo.

Of course, the production would only appeal to a niche audience. After all, Woods' most seminal works like "Scary Movie 2," "The Specialist," and "iCarly" aren't for everyone. Still, turning his attention toward this type of pursuit in his golden years would be better than peddling painfully fake news.

Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.