Earlier this week, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on the Today Show to promote her new film ‘Won’t Back Down,’ a film about a mother and a teacher who work to take over a school from the teacher’s unions.

Gyllenhaal defended the controversial nature of the film, insisting that it was not anti-union.

“I come from, like, the most progressive lefties there are,” she explained “I wouldn’t be allowed to come home for Thanksgiving if I made an anti-union movie.”

Gyllenhaal added that it was possible to “support unions fundamentally” but still “find some faults within them.”

“When they stop serving the children, that’s when they need to be addressed.” she continued.

“If you have an incredible teacher…you see that teacher and think like if that teacher’s amazing, I want them to be rewarded, I want to get down on my knees and thank them.” she explained. “If they are struggling, I want there to be some system in place to help them and if they fundamentally not meant to teach, I don’t want them to teach my child or anybody’s child.”

The film ‘Won’t Back Down’ is in theaters this weekend.