Singer and "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert has finally decided to get political and, just like that, he appeared at the 9:30 Club Tuesday night to support Maryland's same-sex marriage ballot initiative. "So when I got the call to come down and do this fundraiser, I was very excited because I feel like it's a bit overdue for me to be involved in a political anything and this is something that I can wholeheartedly back up without sounding like an idiot," the singer told his fans.

Lambert explained that his brother Neil, who studied political science in school, always made fun of him for being so clueless. "He's always like, you're such an idiot about politics,' and I'm like, 'ahhhh, I just want to dress up,'" Lambert said to big laughs.

With just a week to sell tickets, the venue was only about half full, but that didn't mean the crowd didn't lack energy. There were plenty of middle-aged women and gay couples mouthing the words to Lambert's songs.

"The thing I like about Question 6 is that it's not really about politics at all," Lambert said. "Yes, you have to vote in order to choose yes on 6, but you don't have to be a Republican or a Democrat or either one, it has nothing to do with partisan shhhhmmmppp," he said, making a flatulent-like noise with his tongue. "It's a human rights issue."