A slew of advertisements released this week feature decorated veterans urging voters to "stop Trump now."

In the first 60-second video, Lt. Col. Michael Waltz, a former commander of Afghanistan Special Forces, said the Republican front-runner has not served the country "a day in his life" and "essentially dodged the draft." The video points to a series of deferments, both student and medical, that kept Trump out of the Vietnam War draft in the 1960s.

Waltz, who was awarded four bronze stars for his service in Afghanistan, chided Trump for once describing his experience at a military-themed boarding school as "always felt that I was in the military."

"All Donald Trump has served is himself," Waltz said in another 30-second ad.

Waltz also condemned Trump for dismissing the war experiences of Sen. John McCain. Trump said the Arizona senator is "no war hero." McCain, a former Naval aviator, was captured, held as a prisoner of war and tortured for several years during the Vietnam War. He refused a offer to be release based on his status as the son of admiral.

Trump "essentially called anybody who was captured in combat a loser," Waltz said. "It's something that I just personally can't stomach, and am sickened by, as should every veteran and every soldier in the United States military."

In an ad of his own, retired Lt. Col. Tom Hanton, himself a former POW, said that if Trump were captured during an armed conflict, he would not have fared so well.

"Trump would not have survived the POW experience. He would have been probably the first one to fold," said Hanton, who after his place was shot down in Vietnam spent over a year in the Hanoi Hilton, the same detention camp McCain was held.

Hanton labeled Trump a "phony" and called on voters to "learn about Donald Trump — he is not what he appears to be."

The adds were released by the American Future Fund, a conservative advocacy group, whose website features a page titled, "We can't trust Donald Trump."

Stuart Roy, a spokesman for the American Future Fund said in a statement that "[i]t's unthinkable we could have as commander in chief someone who avoided the draft and then insulted our bravest American heroes as 'losers' for having been captured in the line of duty."

"The more people know about Donald Trump, the more they understand that honor and Trump are not synonyms," Roy said.