An adviser to Steve Bannon says the Breitbart executive will no longer support Paul Nehlen, a far-right congressional challenger to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"Nehlen is dead to us," Arthur Schwartz, an adviser to the former White House chief strategist, told CNN. Breitbart had supported Nehlen's candidacy.

Schwartz said the decision to cut ties was made earlier this month after Bannon learned Nehlen was a guest on a white nationalist podcast.

Recently, Nehlen retweeted accounts with #ItsOkToBeWhite. He also tweeted that he was reading The Culture of Critique, a book widely considered to be anti-Semitic.

“Allow me to answer with this question: If pro-White is White supremacy, what is pro-Jewish?” Nehlen told the Washington Post. “I reject being called a White Supremacist, because clearly Pro-White isn’t White Supremacy unless Pro-Jewish is Jewish Supremacy.”

Nehlen's author page has disappeared from the Breitbart website. He had previously contributed pieces to the site.

Nehlen unsuccessfully challenged Ryan for his Wisconsin seat in 2016.