A group of Afghan journalists is organizing a boycott of the Taliban after the murder of a fellow reporter and several of his family members in a Thursday assault on civilians.

"In this attack, the Taliban deliberately and ruthlessly targeted civilians, shooting women and innocent children around the dinner table," Mujib Mashal and other Afghan reporters wrote in an open letter from a hospital in Kabul. "The Taliban carry out such attacks, which can never be justified, solely for the purpose of news-coverage and projecting terror among Afghan citizens. Therefore, the journalism family in Afghanistan, in a collective decision, has decided to boycott coverage of news related to the Taliban for a period of 15 days, refraining from broadcasting any information that could further the Taliban's claimed purpose of terror. We also ask the Taliban for an explanation of how they justify the shooting from a close-range of innocent children."

The boycott was organized after the reporters learned that Agence France-Presse reporter Sardar Ahmad, his wife, and two of their children were killed in a Taliban attack Thursday in Kabul, Afghanistan.

"Diplomats, journalists, NGO workers, others under fire right now in an attack on Serena Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan," CBS News' Terry Moran tweeted during the Taliban attack that claimed Ahmad's life. "Pray for them."

"Once again, the journalism family in Afghanistan mourns the loss of one of its active members in a tragic incident," the Afghan journalists lamented.