On Sunday evening, Judd Legum, the editor and founder of the left-wing activist news website, ThinkProgress, sent out four tweets on Afghanistan.

He began with some incisive analysis.

Illuminating the ghost of Swedish cellphones, Legum transitioned to his main point.

You've got to love those tweets for their "I don't know anything but I actually know everything" quality.

And you've got to hate them for what they say about left-wing priorities in war.

After all, lamenting the budgetary costs of the war in Afghanistan as his concluding point, Legum shows where his true feelings lie. This prominent liberal is not really concerned with the human losses America has borne in Afghanistan, he just doesn't think the war has been a good deal. In that sense, Legum's tweets represent a liberal flip on President Trump's: they are at once populist, simplistic, and highly transactional.

And in that they pertain to war, they are also morally pathetic. Since 2001, more than 2400 Americans have lost their lives in Afghanistan and many thousands more wounded. They fought and died in Helmand and Kandahar provinces, in Kabul and Paktika provinces, and in provinces all across that nation. And if nothing else, they deserve more recognition than being compared to "housing" budgets.

Tonight, as he outlines his new strategy for Afghanistan, Trump must explain why his approach will achieve more than the other strategies that have come before. Our scrutiny of his statements is important for military families and for the sake of our national interests.

Regardless, when it comes to what is more important: military lives and effective strategy, or cell-phone developments and government budgets, there can only be one answer.

Unless, that is, you're Judd Legum.